Cinderella: A Socially Distanced Ball

motion graphics, audio & video production & programming, sound design

Photo: Sam Diaz

Content creation and playback programming for a socially distanced performance at The Turbine Theatre. Starring Rufus Hound, Daisy Wood-Davis, Sean Parkins, Debbie Kurup, Oscar Conlon-Morrey, and Scott Paige.

Originally planned for a 4-week run in the theatre, later moved to online streaming after being filmed by The Umbrella Rooms.

audio & video production

Working closely with director Lizzy Connolly to bring her vision to life using a combination of video, animation, special effects, and audio.

playback programming

Programming QLab for audio and video playback in collaboration with deputy stage manager Rosie Morgan.

Photo: Sam Diaz
Photo: Rosie Morgan
Image: The Turbine Theatre

Producer: Paul Taylor-Mills

Director: Lizzy Connolly

Lighting Designer: Stacey Sandford

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