First Date

First Date

video editor, visual effects, co-cinematographer

Image: Lambert Jackson

A streamed musical production, filmed at Crazy Coqs in London. Starring Samantha Barks, Simon Lipkin, Oscar Conlon-Morrey, Nicholas McLean, and Danielle Steers.

6 days of shooting, 10 days of editing, 3 days of streaming.

video editing

Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, using to remotely collaborate with the director.

visual effects

Green screen sequences, motion graphics, 3D tracking shots and elements. Using Red Giant tools.


Working on set with the director, using Sony mirrorless cameras and Zhiyun gimbals, with Neewer and Aputure lighting equipment.

Photo: Sam Diaz
Photo: Sam Diaz
Photo: Sam Diaz

Producers: Lambert Jackson

Director: Dean Johnson

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