Hi, I'm Sam

I work with computers, musicians, and sometimes both

  • Audio Engineering

    Recording, producing.

    From solo violinists to 3-piece rock bands to 12-piece soul groups, across Studio One, Studio Two, & Studio Three.

  • Electronic Music

    Songwriting, production & marketing.

    Originals and remixes, in an electronica style. This project is retired for the most part.

  • Web & Video

    Design, coding, & editing.

    Working with 1940s vintage vocal trio on the design and coding of their website, along with editing the video of their 2015 showreel.

  • Stage Crew

    Sound, lighting, visuals, rigging.

    Planning, rigging, programming & operating live events, working in teams with Surrey Stage Crew, Kudos AV, Siyan, and solo.

  • iOS Development

    Classicam, tie-in app for song.

    A photo editing iPhone companion app to The Knocks' summer 2014 single, 'Classic (feat. Powers)'.

  • Web Development

    IT technician and support.

    2 month placement based in Muscat, Oman. Created new company website, and assisted with technical support throughout the company.

  • Record Label

    Founder, CEO.

    A small young project, aiming to promote innovative musicians and groups around Surrey.

  • Electronic Music.

    Production & branding.

    A fairly new remix project, no original music. Glitchy electro style based on sampling, limitation-based technical exercise.

  • Music Production

    Songwriting & production.

    A more 'pop' music project. Primarily guitar-based.

  • iOS Development

    Design & coding.

    Theatre sound effects app for iPad. Bespoke contract for B2B purposes.

  • Web & Photography

    Design, coding, & editing.

    Working with 12-piece Stevie Wonder tribute band on the design and coding of their website. Occasional casual event photography.

  • iOS Development

    Events ticketing app.

    An app to help smooth nightclub door operation, in collaboration with the Students' Union.

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